Things to Know Before Getting Hair Colouring for the First Time

Colours are the most important elements in fashion, and now hair colouring is in trend to build a style statement. Girls & Women from different age groups are showing more inclination towards hair dyeing. And why shouldn’t they? From college going divas to working professionals, ladies never want their beauty to fade away. Hair colouring is the best way to add stars to their charm.

Everyone wants to look chic with fascinating hair colour but trying it for the first time sows seeds of many questions in the mind. These are genuine questions that people generally ask before trying something new. But there is nothing to worry about, so keep all your thoughts aside. And, make sure to follow the below-noted hair colour tips by experts before giving yourself a new look.

5 Pointers to Consider Before Colouring your for the First Time

Hair dyeing is transformative, especially for those who are trying it for the first time. You might find it tough to get the same hair shade that you want in the first session, but getting it done from a professional hair specialist can give you the best results. Just make sure to do plenty of research before confirming an appointment with a hairstylist.

Whether you are going to try platinum blonde, glorious green, wonder blue, crazy violet, balayage, black-brown, or dark purple, always remember to keep the following points on your checklist for the best outcome.

Know which hair colour is best for the first time

Hair Colour Shades

Trying something new is a challenge in itself; you can’t pick any colour randomly. First of all, you need to do thorough research and look for the best hair colourist in your town. Then book an appointment and let him\her check your hair. A professional hairstylist will examine your hair quality and suggest the best colour that will suit your complexion. Based on the professionalist’s advice and your requirements, find out the best hair colour that can enhance your look.

Once selected, be ready for the beautiful transformation!

Be ready for time taking hair dyeing process

Once you know which colour is best for you, be ready to have patience. Ask the specialist and understand how much time it will take to give you a new look. Also, make sure to get clarity on how many applications are required to meet your specific hair needs. Sometimes, it might take more than one box of hair colour or a more frequent trip to the salon to get the look that you wished for.

So, make sure to know all these things before you make yourself ready for the next step. Once you are okay with the required time, just get set and go!

Understand the level of maintenance before taking the plunge

Some hair treatments require less maintenance while some need more upkeep, so it is of paramount importance to consider this point when selecting the hair colour. No matter how properly you take care of your strands, you need to get the root touch-up typically within four to six weeks. It is because hair grows around half an inch every month, and getting roots redone becomes necessary in this period.

If you have a busy schedule and can’t rush to the salon frequently, or you don’t want to spend money regularly, then an alternative is to choose a colour that is closer to your natural shade. 

This selection will be the best as it won’t let the roots be as noticeable!

Go for the budget that won’t dent a hole in your pocket

Remember that hair colouring is not a one-time investment. Once you put on your desired hair dye, be ready for more investment later on if and when required. If you are not in the mood of spending too frequently then the second time investment can be minimized by using quality products offered by Streax Professional. These products stay for a longer period and give you effective results.

Apart from selecting a shade closer to your natural hair colour, you can also ask the colourist to use high-quality products so that the colour won’t fade away soon. Also, make sure to meet all the hair maintenance parameters like don’t wash your hair too often, don’t put on any other colour over the hair colour that you just had, avoid using chemical-based products, and so on. 

Go for ammonia-free hair colour

Ammonia is the most prominent ingredient in hair colours these days. It is an alkali that increases the pH level of hair during the colouring process. Ammonia is used because it opens up the hair cuticles so that the hair colour can be deposited on the cortex.

But using this chemical can be highly harmful. When it is dissolved in water, it forms ammonium hydroxide which can cause skin irritation. It can also burn the skin. Furthermore, repeatedly using it on hair can damage the cuticle and allow the moisture to escape. Ultimately, it will lead to dry, brittle, and frizzy hair.

So, don’t go for the short term benefits of ammonia and look for its long term side effects on your hair. Always make sure to use post hair care, ammonia-free hair colour and colour protection range by Streax Professionals such as – Canvoline, Argan Secret, Vtariche care Repair Max, Vitariche Smooth & Shine, Vita gloss serum etc. 

Know the benefits of ammonia-free professional hair colour

If you are planning to get your hair coloured be ready to look more appealing. People of different age groups are using hair dye to get a youthful and trendy look. Ageing and fashion are the two prominent reasons why people give themselves a new appearance.

Professional Hair Colour

Although hair colouring is a good option to intensify beauty, people should check the components listed on the box before applying the dye to their hair.

Yes, there is a harmful chemical called ammonia found in almost every hair colour. Now the question arises that if this chemical is toxic then why is it present in most hair dyes? It is because ammonia is an alkaline chemical that raises the pH level of the hair when the colour is applied during the colouring process. It lifts the cuticles of the hair and lets the dye be deposited on the cortex. It is also used to lighten the natural colour of the hair so that the hair specialist can re-colour it again and get the desired result.

But, after noticing the side effects of these chemical-based products, experts are now using ammonia-free professional hair colours

Is Ammonia-free Hair Colour Effective?

Ammonia-free hair colour like the Enhance Hair Colourant Cream by brand Streax Professional does not contain a tinge of such harmful chemicals. It has other chemical properties that do not put adverse effects on hair and help the colour to impart on hair. 

Ammonia Free Hair Colour

Ammonia-free hair colour contains emollient oils, walnut oil, argan oil, and other helpful ingredients so that the hair texture remains fine and the cuticles do not lose moisture while dyeing. It also hair colour contains light chemicals that prevent hair damage and are gentler in comparison to ammonia-based hair dye.

What are the Benefits of Ammonia-free Hair Dye?

Less Damage

When you are planning to colour your hair, nothing is better than using ammonia-free hair colour. Such hair colours do not disturb the pH level as it uses monoethanolamine (MEA) that contains alcohol which acts as a substitute pH adjuster in hair colours. MEA present in ammonia-free hair dyes are in a less concentrated form and are blended with emollient oils. This combination makes it less damaging. 

Keeps the hair healthy

Who doesn’t want healthier, shiny, and bouncy hair? Beautiful hair catches everyone’s attention, but sometimes it loses its lustre due to the use of harmful chemicals and wrong products. So, to maintain hair quality and shine, ammonia-free hair colour products are the best option. Unlike ammonia-based hair colours, these products do not damage hair, disturb the pH, and lose protein.

Say no to itchy scalp

The molecules of ammonia present in the hair colour can irritate and cause burning sensation and itching in the scalp of users. Many people with extra sensitive skin deal with severe reactions due to the use of ammonia-based products. So, using ammonia-free hair care products is the best way to avoid such complications. 

Looks natural

Some people prefer applying funky colours to their hair like violet, pink, green, etc. On the other hand, some people go for a natural tone hair colour that looks seamless and gives an original look. For them, there are a variety of options available in the range of ammonia-free hair colours offered by Streax professionals. They can try classic hair shades like golden brown, light ash brown, light brown copper matte, mahogany ash brown, etc.

No Pungent Smell

One of the main reasons people criticize ammonia-based hair products is their strong odour. The pungent smell of ammonia irritates the eyes and even makes it difficult for some people to breathe. But, the best thing about ammonia-free products is that they do not irritate the eyes or affect any senses. 

Choose the best colour from our ammonia-free hair dye range!

Being one of the leading brands in the beauty industry, Streax Professional has always served the best to its customers. We offer a wide range of ammonia-free hair care products that take care of your hair strands. Be it permanent or semi-permanent, you can get the most effective products in both options without ammonia and PPD. There are some vibrant and funky colours in seven shades that will enhance your look and let you stay ahead in the trend. From golden, copper, brown, grey, to violet, pink, red, and shades of blue and green, you can explore your desired colour from our wide range of hair dyes. Explore our categories, like Streax Professional Enhance Hair Colourant Cream and pick the desired ammonia-free hair dye that suits you. So, what are you waiting for? Go delve into the wide variety of colours and pick the one that matches your style! 

4 hair colour shades for your stylist and young look

After a certain age, most people start thinking about anti-ageing and ways to look younger. Things like face care products and useful make-up hacks come to our minds when we think of looking younger than our age. But even after trying so many skincare products, we sometimes fail to look younger because we miss out on our hair requirements. Yes, hair colour plays a vital role in giving a youthful look. The dull and ashy blonde hair fades away the lustre of high-quality anti-ageing skincare products. 

Hair Colour shades

Along with ageing, there can be some other reasons for dull, dry, and non-shiny hair such as – medications, genetics, and even water quality at some places are also the culprit. So, for a younger and fresh look, professional hairstylists recommend some best hair colour shades products that can add stars to beauty. 

It is of paramount importance to understand some points that need to be considered before choosing a hair colour that can shave a few years off.

What all to consider before choosing a hair colour?

Choosing a hair colour sounds simple. Just go to the hair colourist and ask them to apply the most trending colour. But, this is not the right way, you need to consider many things before selecting a perfect colour for your hair such as –

  • Understand the skin tone

Understanding the skin tone is the first step to choosing the right hair dye. For finding out which colour will give the best results just look at your wrist, if the skin there looks greenish then your skin tone is cool, and if it looks yellowish then you have a warmer skin tone. People with a cool skin tone can try purple, red, or blue hair colours. Whereas people with a warmer tone can go for brown, blonde, or black coloured hair dyes. 

  • Pay attention to the colour of your eyes

The colour of the eyes plays an important role in choosing the right colour for hair. People with cool skin colour and warmer eyes can pick neutral hair colour shades. Selecting such colours will help in balancing both cool and warm tones. 

  • Know your hair colouring motive

Always keep your motive behind colouring your hair on top. If hiding or covering grey hair is your priority then colour all your hair. If you just want to get your hair highlighted, then make sure to select the colour carefully after considering all the essential pointers.

Best hair colour shades to make you look youthful and gorgeous

Caramel Balayage

Caramel Balayage Hair Colour

Caramel balayage is the best choice for cool-toned and brunettes. Caramel highlights help to soften and warm facial features. The balayage method assures that the highlights get visible without a demarcation line. These small details make people appear more youthful. So, you can consider this colour if you are searching ‘how to look young’ on your mobiles or laptops. 

Strawberry blonde

Strawberry Blonde Hair Colour

Blondes and redheads can go for this amazing colour that gives the effect of bright blonde with beautiful hits of strawberry. This hair colour shade suits people who have cool and orange-red based skin tones. Applying this colour enhances the youthful glow and gives an enchanting look too. The best thing about this hair dye is that it is easy to maintain and just a gloss after every six weeks is enough to keep the reddish colour more vibrant and fresh. 


Bronde Hair Colour

Bronde is one of the best options for people of any age, a darker base with warm blond highlights can amplify the look. It falls between the brunette and blonde and gives a youthful shine of golden blonde without eliminating the natural base. For intensifying the look, face-framing highlights are vital to this fresh shade.

Golden chocolate

Chocolate Hair Colour

Coating a chocolate brown base with golden balayage can be the best way to look more youthful than you are. Applying this shade will catch the sunlight just as a blonde without drifting from the brunette roots. This will give you the fresh and young glow that you are looking for. So you can try this colour to uplift your charm.

Choose the best hair colour shade from the wide range by Streax Professional

Attractive hair colour and beautiful hairstyle go hand in hand when it comes to looking charming and creating an appealing aura. For a youthful look, only applying hair colour is not important but using the best hair care products offered by Streax Professional is also essential. We offer a variety of ammonia-free hair dye options that are perfect for both youth and mature people. Our argan secret range of hair colours has different shades of browns that are perfect for people who want to look younger and stay ahead in the trend.  

Best Brands – 2020

Streax was recognized as Best Brands 2019 by The Economics Times Best Brands Award 2019 for our constant endeavor to innovate and deliver the best to our customers.

First Hair Colour Choices

The best method in choosing a hair colour is first to choose the results you want from it. Depending on whether you are covering grey, highlighting a natural hair colour, or using hair colour to completely change your image, knowing what you want helps you to narrow down hair colouring choices.

Before you get down to choosing a hair colour, first decide on your commitment to hair colouring. Temporary hair colours wash out in a shampoo or two, semi permanent products typically last for a couple of months, while permanent dyes may either give you grow-out pains or necessitate frequent root touch ups.

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