Vitariche Care Repair Max Shampoo


Cleanses & helps revitalize dry, distressed hair with a surge of nourishment from Biovit-A-OX complex – a combination of Biotin and antioxidant-rich Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E.



Hydrolyzed Flax Protein and Ceramide mimic molecules help repair and rejuvenate rough, damaged hair.
Hair Type- For Dry to Damaged Hair

  • Damage Reduction by upto 14X times less hair breakage*
  • Up to 2 X significantly better tensile strength.*
    • Reduced cuticle lifting* for softer, smoother hair.
    • Hydrating ingredients help reduce split ends.

*Based on study (manual combing and instrumental test) conducted for Vitariche Repair Max range of shampoo+masque+serum vs non-conditioning shampoo. Test performed by external agency under controlled laboratory conditions


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