Retro Remix

Retro Remix

The Streax Professional Retro Remix Collection brings back vintage and blends it with contemporary to make a unique and unforgettable style statement. Trend setters from tinsel town adorned the latest colours from this stunning, awe-inspiring range on retro-inspired hairstyles, and strutted down the ramp to mesmerise all present.

Dutch Crown Brownie Braid

This style is suitable for shorter lengths of hair. Hair has been tonged to create softness. On the crown area, hair has been divided into two parts to form the dutch braid. This is a young & playful look.

Braided Boho Choco Waves

This look spells funk with style. A very modern day contemporary look .Hair has been gently waved. On one side the funk has been created by using decorative pins in a unique pattern.

Twisted Hazel Bun

For the ultimate romantic diva upstyle, tong all the hair and elegantly gather and create a bun, on the crown area. Soft honey & hazel tones have been added.

Bouffant Bun

Super stylish, beehive updo, screams of attention. Hues of honey gives it a softer look.

Auric Glam Waves

For the earthy and sensuous look, the auric glam waves have been created. The sides and crown area of the hair is sleek and smooth. The ponytail at the nape is messy; thereby contrasting with the crown.

Boho Amber Fishtail Braid

This is the classic fishtail braid, with a bohemian twist. Very young pop princess look.

Twirky Tany Tickle

For the ultimate animated bubble gum look. Extremely curly hair have been divided into 2 sections on the crown area and secured into two playful  twists.

Twisted Square Fusion

Mid length hair has been slightly tonged. From one side the hair has been swept over to the other side and secured with pins. A mysterious & enigmatic look.

The art & beauty in this look lies in the beautifully created, S shaped wave in the front. The rest of the hair has been secured into a soft bun.

Limitless Mocha Braid

Very fresh, natural & pretty braid has been created. This is a twist on the classic braid. A look to win your hearts over.

Splash Cider Bounce

This look is very comic book & goth. Great for red carpet events; to raise curiosity, hair has been tonged and then rolled into big sections. Rolls have been arranged aesthetically to create structure & form.

Scrunched Pecan Curls

A very informal casual look, perfect for brunches & beaches. Hair has been gathered into a side ponytail, the ponytail has been gently waved, pieces have been picked and adjusted randomly.

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