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Best hair colour shades for the Indian bride

As we all know wedding bells are ringing, and cheerfulness is all around. Would-be brides need several cosmetics and beautification treatments and products to look amazing on their big days. To do so, they try everything from wedding outfits to makeup essentials to rock the floor during their weddings. One more thing which they look for the perfect appearance is the most alluring hairstyles. 

Hair dye

Fascinating hairstyles are all that hold the whole wedding attire and look together. Hence, it becomes imperative for women to explore different hair styling products and hair colours to accentuate their inner glow on the stage naturally. Now, choosing the right hair colour can be a challenging task as there are different skin tones and multiple hair dyes to try according to the suitability and desired overall appearance. Fortunately, with the help of hair professionals, this crucial task can be managed easily with the right insights and suggestions they will provide respectively. 

Hence, if you are undergoing the same Excitement! Curiosity! and hair colour dilemmas then you have come to the right place to search for possible answers to your questions.

In this article, we have covered some trendy hair colours for brides to consider this wedding season. Read on to unfold a whole new world of shades to explore and try for your dream wedding.

Top hair shades for Indian brides suggested by hair stylists to rock your wedding.

Natural black

Black Hair Colour

If you are planning to have a subtle and natural look, then black obviously would be the perfect option for you. All that traditional jewellery and embroidered lehenga will look stunning with jet black hair colour. Hence, if you are not lightening your hair, this colour will be able to satisfy your needs and give a pleasant and long-lasting impression to the attendees. 

To suit your needs, we have  Streax professional Enhance hair colourant to add beauty to your tresses. Choose the natural black shade of this hair colour product and enjoy a super blacky hairstyle with your wedding outfit. 


Burgundy Hair Colour

One of the most popular hues circulating in the market for bridal hair colours is the burgundy shade. It is basically a blend of brown and purple colours which add charismatic characteristics while defining every lock successfully. Hair experts claim that many brides have wishlisted this colour for their bridal look. You can also try too!

Our Argan Secrets Hair Colourant Cream – Burgundy 3.16 is quite preferred by many women and hair professionals to provide their clients with the finest hair colour product and have healthy as well as beautifully coloured hair to showcase.

Brown colour shades

Brown Hair Colour

There are various shades of brown colour such as light brown, dark brown, and natural brown, etc, which are some buzz colours to try this season. Depending upon your skin tone and voguish requirements you can opt for a shade or seek help from a hairstylist regarding the same. One thing is sure that no matter which shade you choose, brown has its own aura and feel to give your hair a refreshing look to cherish till it fades.

Our Agran secrets and Enhance Hair colour ranges are equipped with various brown hues to cater to all your wants and desires.  Explore the website and get among the best hair colour to ace your day.

Apart from the abovementioned hair colours, ombre, chocolate, red, blond, etc, are also in limelight this year. So, if you want something unique and distinct from the regulars then you can go for one of these colours as well.

Now, you must be wondering about our hair colour product ranges, their benefits, effectiveness, and briefings. So, let’s check out the same to have enough insights about the reliability and popularity of these products.

Argan Secrets Hair colour Range

There are majorly two products under this range which are:

Streax Professional Argan Secrets Hair Colourant Cream 

Argan oil is rich in Natural Antioxidants and Vitamin E which is good for healthy hair. With this thought in mind, our team came up with Argan Secret Hair colourant cream. It contains a Silicon Active system which is a blend of conditioning agents consisting of silicone with the dual cationic polymeric system to maintain as well as improve the depth of hair colour.

Moreover, it gives vibrant, rich colour plus softness, bounce and shine. Infused with Argan Oil and Walnut Oil to help nourish hair and counter dryness. Enriched with a unique Silicone Active System to help seal in moisture and protect hair colour, keeping it radiant and lustrous for longer.

Streax Professional Argan Secrets hair colourant Developer

It is a creamy formula that will help in keeping the colour in active contact with the tresses without dripping. In addition, it releases oxygen while colouring and gives excellent coverage and uniformity of colour to have a glamorous look during your wedding. 

This hair colour range is very famous among Indian women as it is specially designed for domestic hair suitability and features to be improved. A vast majority of hair professionals consider this range for its numerous benefits and natural base to provide proper nourishment and fulfil all the hairstyling needs smoothly.

Argan Secrets Post care

Post care is also important after applying your favourite colour. It is to keep the locks healthy, frizz-free, and super shiny. Read on to unfold the range of products and their surprising benefits.

Streax Professional Argan Secrets Colour Protect

This product is paraben-free which has been created with Advanced  Colour Reinforcer Technology and UV protection. It is potent enough to provide good nourishment to the hair and helps to keep them soft, smooth, bright and radiant. 

Argan Secrets Colour Protect Shampoo

It is a paraben-free shampoo that cleanses, nourishes, and helps preserve the vibrancy of hair colour for longer. Many women bought this product and were amazed by its effectiveness. If you also want to check out the details of the same, click here.

Argan Secrets Colour Protect Conditioner

A conditioner containing argan oil is specially designed to deeply nourish, soften, and smoothen hair colour. It also provides 90% colour retention for up to 10 weeks*. These advantages are the main reason for its popularity and preference.

Argan Secrets Colour Protect Serum

This hair serum is efficient in preventing frizz and provides instant sheen and smoothness to coloured hair. In addition to that, it will enhance your colour and make them more manageable and lustrous.

Enhance PPD and Ammonia free hair colour

This range also includes two products:

Streax Professional Enhance hair colourant

It is a PPD and Ammonia free hair colour product that gives super shine, gloss, and nourishment to the hair effectively. It works gently on the hair to impart a brilliant colour and intense radiance to the locks. 

Furthermore, it does not have a pungent odour and offers full coverage with 8-10 weeks of longevity.

Streax professional Enhance Developer

It is enriched with Lanolin, a substance responsible for ensuring that the strands are well coated. This will promote uniformity, a simpler process, and better results after the hair colour application. It has its maximum effectiveness with the Streax Professional Enhance hair colourant cream. 

Final note

Both of the hair colour ranges are highly professional and need to be handled with care under the supervision of a good hairstylist. Hence, it is advisable to visit the nearest salon and get your desired hair colour done in a few simple steps to be fully ready for your wedding night.

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