Hair Straightening: Everything you need to know

Dealing with frizzy and unruly hair? We all have witnessed these unwanted hair struggles in our daily lifestyles. From waking up early to make extra time just to blow out the hair before going to the workplace to turning towards regular hair straightening creams for the sake of convenience to sudden locks.  We try everything to make our hair look beautiful and different from the routine.  

But, why invest so much time and effort in temporary hair straightening tactics when there is permanent hair straightening solutions available in the market. Thanks to technology, research and intelligence, we can easily straighten our hair through some reliable straightening options like permanent hair straightening creams, smoothening, and rebonding, etc.  

Though they are not everlasting but more appropriate than daily hustling. In addition, according to hair experts, it can be an optimum solution to all hair straightening problems revolving around women. Especially for those females who have curly or wavy hair and lusts for long, straight, smooth and shiny hair.  

However, some women avoid permanent hair straightening techniques due to the fear of hair loss or damage. But, with good quality products and consulting a professional to take care of the straightening process, can provide desired results with minimal damage. 

Read the article to know everything about permanent hair straightening in depth.

First things first, what is exactly a permanent hair straightening?

Permanent hair straightening is one of the most popular ways of transforming unruly, curly hair into straight and smooth using a chemical procedure. Now, you must be wondering whether chemically processed methods can harm your scalp or tresses. But, when performed carefully with reliable and natural (less chemical) products they can help you achieve long, straight and aligned hair very easily. Like everything has an expiry date, permanent hair straightening techniques also last for weeks, months, and a year as per your choice. Actually, this opens up a lot of options for you to be versatile and try different hairstyles if you want to after straightening. Or can again go for another procedure if you want to continue the same look.  

3 ways to change hair texture

  1. Keratin treatment

It is the best hair straightening method across the world. With Brazilian intelligence, this treatment is by far the most effective with negligible damage solution which is trusted by many women. Keratin is a natural protein that is already found in the hair. Unfortunately, it can get decreased due to ageing, improper diet and unhealthy lifestyle choices made by the people. But, the keratin treatment coats the layer onto the hair shaft providing it with the essential nutrients that will promote healthy growth, lustre and alignment to the tresses. And, the flat iron is used to lock the formula. 

There are various keratin solutions available in the market like Streax Professional Canvoline Keratin treatment. Make sure to visit a professional salon that has the best quality products to not compromise on your hair care. Do not try this at home as this strictly requires expertise to carry out the whole process. 

  1. Thermal reconditioning

According to hair professionals, thermal reconditioning is also a beneficial hair straightening and smoothening method for women. This Japanese technique includes both chemicals and heat. It promotes permanently altered hair structure. This method involves loosening hair bonds in the hair and then reshaping the hair cells. No doubt, it is among the top hair straightening techniques, but it is also a lengthy process. However, the result may surprise as it lasts for about 6-7 months once implemented. 

Women with back problems need to have thought about this as it consists of numerous steps and needs fully dedicated time to complete the whole procedure. 

  1. Hair straightening kits

For more effective results, many salons use top quality hair straightening kits. These are less time-consuming in comparison to thermal reconditioning. Streax Professional also offers kits like Canvoline hair straightening kits which include hair straightening and neutralising creams to permanently straighten the hair strands with ease. There are basically two variants available under this product range- mild and intense. 

Women who want a mild effect or beginners can go for Canvoline Hair Straightening Kit- mild and for those who are regular or want better results can consider Canvoline hair Straightening Kit- intense. 

Now you must be thinking, why Canvoline by Streax Professional?

Canvoline hair straightening products are specially designed to achieve smooth and sleek hair. They are enriched with Kera charge and provide essential nutrients to the hair for maintaining the wellness of the strands and have maximum effect on the treatment. Specifically, it has hydrolysed proteins which enhances the ability of the hair to bind moisture and help to strengthen the hair fibre. This way you will witness reduced hair loss.

In addition,  it includes hair conditioning agents to help in keeping the hair moisturized, well-nourished and static or builds up in hair at bay.  Experts also verify this product range and suggest it for proper hair care and achieving a glamorous look without hampering the nourishment and health of the hair strands. 

Sometimes, due to hair texture or sensitivity, there can be some hair damage and irritation or redness on the scalp. But, you can minimise such discomforts by ensuring proper nourishment and a beneficial hair care routine. You can also consult hair experts to gain a better understanding of the same. 

Furthermore, try to avoid chemical procedures as much as possible as they can degrade your hair quality faster than others. Look for more natural and less processed ingredients in the hair straightening creams and neutralisers to protect your hair from unwanted consequences. 

Precaution is much better than cure, with this thought in mind, we try to provide the finest and tested products to have customer delight and unbreakable trust.