Eternal Reds

Eternal Reds

Red is eternal. Red embodies the spirit of festival, enveloping us in pomp and joy. Glam hairstyles  specially curated to raise your style game up for festive season. Red has a magical everlasting charm and is the song and dance of every celebration. Red is a constant trend and beats at the heart of festivities.

Carmine Cross Bun

Very modern and stylish low bun. Achieved by overlapping & crisscrossing vertical sections from the hairline, to the edges of the low bun. Shades of red have been used for a festive look.

Persian Wavelet

Extremely soft, delicate & romantic look. This look has been created, by tonging the hair and fixing it into very soft curls, arranged in a messy manner. Interspersed with shades of red, ready for celebrations

Comber Currant

This versatile festive hairstyle lends itself to a lot of variation.
Hair is twisted on both sides & some wisps are left undone for a more casual look. The Vibrant hues of red add a touch of drama & glamour to the style.

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