Marigold Affairs

Marigold Affairs

Ruled by the shades of golden, copper & blonde, Marigold collection signifies the celebratory mood that the spring summer season always brings with it.

Dutch Braid

Stun everyone with this intricate Dutch braid. The gently teased roots and curled side bangs are sure to add a glamorous touch to your demeanor.

Twisted Contemporary Braid

This braid is nothing less than elegance personified. In fact, it’s a great way of giving the classic braid a contemporary twist. Go for the kind of volume you desire and for added romance allow a few strands to hang loose.

Contemporary Braid

Go ahead, look like a divine Greek goddess with this contemporary braid. Try this when you want to hold your tresses together in a loose, manageable, easy way. While upping your style quotient with a dash of elegance!

Contrast Twist

Look undeniably graceful with this neatly pinned back contrast twist braid which will make you look sleek, while adding a stunning amount of volume to your curls.

Crimped Loose Braid

Look like a fairytale princess with this crimped loose braid. This breath-taking style will definitely invite loads of appreciation. And before you realize, you’ll be turning more and more heads.

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