Retro Remix

Retro Remix

Retro Remix collection is a treasure trove of vintage styles, reimagined for our present-day fashionistas. It is old world charm with a touch of contemporary newness. The Perfect Melange of the old and new. The collection highlights the brown palate, promises to stay evergreen and weaves its way into the hearts of every fashion conscious Indian Woman.

Romantic Amber Retro Chignon

Wear this Victorian, all time favorite upstyling look, with softer waves & curls in shades of amber brown.

Gypsy Tangerine Braid

This simple girlish 70’s bohemian braid, is made more feminine by stretching the braid to look fluffy. Wisps of hair is left outside the braid for softness.

Dark Chocolate Precision Bob

Be an instant head turner, with this timeless, yet cutting edge look. This sharp, geometric bob haircut is an all time favourite. We have used deep dark shades to add to the sharpness of the look.

Bouffant Fudge Sleek

This ultra modern look is for people with straight hair. This look is a combination of sleek, shine & volume. Both sides have been slicked back, for a flat look. A smooth and subtle pouf has been created on the crown for contrast.

Undone Beige Waves Upstyle

This very pretty open upstyle, compliments any Look.. The lower half is soft, tousled curls & the upper half has been elegantly gathered into a messy ponytail. Soft waves have been created framing the face. For a more feminine touch.

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