The Look Affairs

The Look Affairs

Enter the world of high fashion with these  super stylish elegant updos. A collection of upstyles, with a modern twist.

Messy Ponytail

This is an amped version of the school girl look. It has a very attractive & glamorous look to it. A simple ponytail that has been transformed into high fashion. You can wear this for various casual & semi-casual events.

Wrap around FishTail

This is a classic braid which is done in an extremely elegant way. Casual, cool and chic. This is an all time favourite with young girls.

This is a look which is neat & tidy and can be worn on an everyday basis.

Twisted Braid Bun

This is a very pretty, semi casual up styling technique. This can be worn during engagements, cocktail parties and several other occasions.

The twisted braided bun embodies the spirit of youth, freshness and sweetness. Be everyone’s sweetheart with this look.

Flowery Bun

Extremely feminine and romantic updo.The sides have been twisted and secured into rose like formations on the bun. The bun itself has many rose like formations on its surface. Straight out of a fairy tale.

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