Winter hair care: must-have hair care products to try in winters

Ugh, it’s cold in my hair. Apart from the cool breeze, festivities, cute winter outfits, and hot foods, winter is also known to be the season of dry, dull, lifeless hair. The freezing temperature is indeed harmful to our scalp and the locks, if not taken care of properly. The cold weather outside and heat indoors damage our hair and make it dry and frizzy. This irritates us and acts as a dampener in our otherwise perfect winter fashion statement. `

Winter Hair Care

Many people try to follow a good hair care regimen to avert these nightmares from becoming true. However, incorporating a hair care routine is not enough when it comes to dealing with winter hair problems. We need to consider good quality and professionally recommended products to be applied on the tresses to keep them nourished and safe from the chilling temperature. 

Do you also face dry, unmanageable, dull, frizzy, limp locks during winters? And, want to get rid of them to ace your winter style looks and appearances?. No need to worry, we have curated a list of our most effective hair care products to aid you in getting the perfect locks with super strength to combat colder months. You just need to hit the salon, demand your favourite pick and get it done on the hair to witness your true beauty rocking this season.

Top winter hair care products

1. Vitariche Care Repair Max 

One of the most trusted and popular hair care ranges by Streax Professional is Vitariche Care Repair Max. With Vitariche Repair Max, you get upto 14X less hair breakage.

Whether you have dry, frizzy, dull, lifeless, or unmanageable hair, this new product range can tackle all of these hair problems easily and give you satisfactory results. It is enriched with Biovit-A-OX complex that is a combination of Biotin and antioxidant-rich Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E. It gives hair a natural touch of softness and smoothness while maintaining their health effectively.

There are 3 products categorised under this range:

Vitariche Hair Care Repair Max Shampoo

It is specially designed to turn dry and distressed hair into live and fresh locks. It cleanses and revitalises deeply to make this happen effortlessly. Hydrolyzed Flax protein Ceramide mimics molecules present in this shampoo helps repair and rejuvenate rough, damaged hair. 

Key highlights of Vitariche Hair Care Repair Max Shampoo:
  • It is best suited for dry to damaged hair
  • It provides damage reduction by up to 14X less hair breakage.
  • Preferred for reducing split ends.
  • It decreases cuticle lifting to achieve softer and smoother hair.


This mask is all one dreams about for having well-nourished, glossy, and stronger hair. It is one of the optimum hair care solutions for winters. Most effective on dry, damaged and rough hair. If you are a hair mask lover and visit a salon, especially to get it done, this supplement can just be right for you. 

Key highlights of Vitariche Hair Care Repair Max Masque
  • Preferable for providing 2X better tensile strength.
  • It smoothes and softens hair efficiently.
  • The hydrating ingredients are beneficial to reduce split ends.


The prime function of hair serum is to seal in the shine, smoothness, and elegance of your hair. It is one of the most desired styling products in the cold season to add natural lustre to the dull tresses. This reconditioning serum is infused with Vita Oil Hair Complex- a fusion of 4 nourishing oils of Avocado, Sunflower, Macadamia, and Musk rose. It provides the same benefits as the Vitariche Hair Care Repair Max shampoo and Masque that makes it optimum for winter use, as well. 

2. Vitariche Care Smooth and Shine

Another variant of our haircare range to try this winter is Vitariche Care Smooth and Shine haircare solution. If you are looking for something highly effective Shampoo+Conditioner+serum, this range will surprise you. Many women opt for this product to have an alluring effect on their tresses. You can try too!

Here are the 3 most amazing products under this range:


This is a Deep-hydrating, cleansing shampoo that helps revitalize hair with a surge of nourishment from the Biovit-A-OX complex – a combination of Biotin and antioxidant-rich Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E.  

Its prime function is to provide a radiant and sparkly look to the locks for good. It is packed with hydrolysed silk protein which aids in keeping an adequate level of moisture to the hair for improving elasticity, especially during the cold months.


If you have long hair which you want to be frizz-free, smooth and beam out in the space to gather everyone’s attention, this product would be the right choice. It is a deeply hydrating and detangling masque to provide beautiful hair on the go. The Hydrolyzed Silk Protein helps add moisture to improve elasticity. 


Last but not least comes the Vitariche Care Smooth and Shine Leave-in Conditioner to add an extra layer of protection from harsh weather damages. It is enriched in aloe vera extracts which is a natural healer and remedy for hair problems. We have included this ingredient in the product to promote minimal side effects and natural shine, texture and repair to the hair. It is effective for normal to dry hair and is best for renewing lustre, improving manageability in chilly temperatures.  

The above-mentioned two product ranges are one of the most professional and classified hair care solutions. They can be mixed and matched with other products but will give maximal results when combined together. Many hairstylists recommend these products because of the clinically tested reliability and trust in the brand. You can also consider it once if you haven’t before to unravel the whole new universe of fashion, style, healthy and winter protected hair. 

Almost every salon got our products, but in the scenarios where you find it hard to locate a nearby professional salon, we have got your back. Just explore our website and click on salon locator to get in touch with a hair professional to help you carry out the whole hair care process. 

Why do professional hair salons recommend argan oil and shampoo for hair?

Are you a fashionista who loves to try different hairstyles and hair colours along with trendy outfits to have a unique personality?  Nowadays, hair colouring is very popular among people as it gives a new look to their appearances. From short to medium and long hair, hair colouring is witnessed irrespective of hair length and gender.  

Hair colouring is fun. However, post-care is what you need to pay attention to. This is because many people struggle with fading of the shade faster or dealing with frizzy, unruly, dull, and dry hair. Hair professionals say that it is due to a lack of hair care and nourishment. Also, it can be the result of using the wrong products or the low-quality products on your strands. 

Fortunately, experts also provide us with the solutions to take proper care of our hair and flaunt the glamorous look as long as possible. 

Generally, we use shampoo and conditioner in our daily lives and think that it is enough to maintain healthy hair. Well, it is partially correct. Hair experts suggest that using hair colour protect shampoo and conditioner along with hair serum which is all rich in argan Serum oil, a balanced diet, and a hygienic lifestyle is a right approach for perfect hair care.  Products enriched with argan oil are very good in rejuvenating hair quality and promoting smooth, shiny, frizz-free hair. It is advantageous for your scalp, hair and your desire for lasting and groovy hair colouring too. 

Why argan oil products?

Argan oil is considered to be the best hair oil hosting numerous benefits. For centuries it has been used as cooking oil, hair oil and body oil in parts of Morocco. The tree from which the argan oil is extracted is the native of this country.

Argan is also known as liquid gold. It is because it is packed with essential hair care nutrients like Vitamin E and fatty acids. 

Now, its benefits have attracted many experts to incorporate it into products to widen its reach and beneficial properties across the world. 

Want to know some of the advantages of using Argan oil for hair care in detail?

The 3 biggest benefits of Argan oil for hair care

  1. It can reduce dandruff

Yes, it can actually help in dandruff related problems. Argan oil is enriched in antioxidants which makes it meritable for scalp treatments. Especially for people with inflamed scalp or itchy skin, argan oil can be a great solution in curbing it. 

So, there is no doubt that this ingredient is really helpful in reducing inflammation and can effectively treat dandruff including oxidative stress which is caused due to the imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in the body. 

  1. A natural hair protectant

Argan oil is enriched with Vitamin E which improves hair elasticity and makes it less vulnerable to breakage. Also, the oil is effective in protecting the hair from heat damage such as UV rays or hot tools. This is because hair experts believe that argan oil can withstand higher temperatures easily without harming the strands and hair roots. Their test results show the tremendous capability of combating heat and that’s why argan oil is in demand nowadays for its ultra protection benefits. 

  1. It enhances the smoothness and shine of the hair

Argan oil is a great detangler. It has tiny molecules than most of the oils which get deep into the strands and promote smoothness and by penetrating the hair cuticle more effortlessly. Furthermore, argan oil enhances the shine of the hair. Its greasy formula provides sufficient coating to the hair to become shiny without creating a build-up. Hence, for super soft, smooth and shiny hair you must consider argan oil extracts in your hair products to say goodbye to dull, dry, and hard hair. 

These are some of the most essential benefits of Argan oil when used on hair. So, if you have coloured hair, your best bet is to go with argan shampoo, conditioner, and hair serum, whichever you use regularly to take optimum care of your coloured hair. Among these, shampooing is very important to remove all the dirt, impurities accumulated in the hair. And, to not take off the hair colour you have to consider colour protect shampoo which will provide benefits without losing the shade. For this purpose, we have a range of Argan Secrets Colour Protect which includes Argan Secrets colour protect Shampoos, conditioners and argan hair serums for daily hair colour protection. 

Now, you must be wondering why to use this shampoo and what makes it more useful than others?

Reasons to consider Argan Secrets Colour Protect Shampoo By Streax Professional

Argan Secrets

Here are some potential highlights of the product which will make it worth considering for all. 

  • It is a paraben-free shampoo with advanced colour reinforcer technology and argan oil to provide nourishment, cleanliness, and vibrancy of hair colour for longer.
  • It is totally a hair-friendly product, tested in the laboratory of top hair researchers. 
  • It provides more than 90% colour retention for upto 10 weeks.
  • It is proven by hair professionals to soften the hair.
  • It will make your hair more silkier and well manageable.
  • It will also help in locking split ends and retaining the moisture of the hair.
  • The argan oil properties will also help in combating frizz, dry scalp, preventing heat damage, and maintaining a smooth, shiny and glamorous look of the tresses. 

The above-mentioned points are clinically tested, measured and true to the facts. Many people have tried and praised the shampoo, you can also give it one shot. If it fits your hair then you can incorporate it into your hair care regimen. 

Furthermore, for more effective and lasting results you can also consider Argan secrets Colour Protect Conditioner and hair serum along with the shampoo. As tested under controlled laboratory conditions with 3 washes a week. Shampoo+conditioner+hair serum makes a powerful hair care solution that is more favourable than non-conditioning shampoos.